SML002 w.x – Manipulate [Sound]

The last track from the Vines For the Electric Pant Leg EP became the start to this album’s concept. Manipulate [Sound] is exactly what the name implies: a sonic exploration of what sound is really capable of. Released 26 Apr 2007 after over two months of experimenting with different effects, synths and processe. Eardrums were put to the test as well. It is recommended that if you listen to this with headphones to please mind the volume. Loud is always good, but too loud can be dangerous.

Sound 1: Noise (9:48) – One synthesizer’s output signal is split four ways and each plugged into different effects with varying automation from the synth and the effects.

Sound 2: Reverse Oscillator Feedback (17:19) – A synthesizer’s two oscillators and low frequency oscillators (LFOs) are manipulated. Halfway through the whole song is reversed and the oscillators take on different forms backwards.

Sound 3: Duophonic Distortion Murmur (2:08) – The left channel plays the song normally, the right channel plays the song backwards.

Sound 4: Filter Echo (7:25) – Experiment with a synthesizer’s filter frequency and how they sound with reverb effects.

Sound 5: Phase Modulation (15:16) – Phaser effect with automation.

Sound 6: Equalization (5:22) – A synthesizer and guitar loop are modulated by EQ units whose frequencies vary.

Genres: Experimental, Noise

Sound 6: Equalization by w.x

Manipulate [Sound] is available for download here.

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