SML003 w.x – Multi: An Experiment

Multi is two synthesizers with sequenced notes fed through a vocoder.  Each track in this experiment follows this basic setup with added parameters and varying tempos. Most tracks add onto the previous one in two successive sequences: A and B.

Released: 28 Apr 2007

1. A.1 (2:23)
2. B.1 (2:23)
3. A.2 (4:36)
4. A.3 (3:40)
5. B.2 (4:56)
6. A.4 (1:33)
7. B.3 (4:56)
8. A.5 (2:36)
9. B.4 (4:33)
10. A.B (25:38)

Genre: Experimental

A.1 by w.x

Multi is available for download here.

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