SML004 w.x – Manipulate [Ambient]

Manipulate [Ambient] continues the experimentation of Manipulate [Sound] with the utmost experimentation of sound. This time it specifically surrounds the ambient genre.  The same effects manipulations and parameter automation were used for this project as before, just with more reverb and delay added. This paved the way for the drone projects I would do later on in 2007.

Released: 04 Jul 2007
Genres: Ambient, Experimental

Ambient 1: Tone Reverberation (7:36)
Ambient 2: Space Landing (4:51)
Ambient 3: Feedback (4:19)
Ambient 4: Vocoder (6:07)
Ambient 5: The Haunting Lane (4:00)
Ambient 6: Beat Echo (1:52)
Ambient 7: Drones (20:09)
Ambient 8: Siren Release (6:16)

Ambient 2: Space Landing by w.x

Manipulate [Ambient] is available for download here.

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