SML009 w.x – Densitometry

Densitometry is made up of 9 songs that are spread out onto 11 tracks. This album is a statement against confining songs into the strict beginning and end of a track. Some songs are split into two tracks with a new song starting on the second track. Other songs are cut in half and are separated from each other by other songs. The music itself is a series of soundscapes crafted with ambient drones and minor distortion. It’s album you can lose yourself in and not care about what track you are currently on.

Released: 30 Oct 2007
Genres: Ambient, Experimental

1. Intro (0:33)
2. Compost, Part 1 (4:58)
3. Compost, Part 2 / Blood Franchise (10:53)
4. Ring Combination, Part 1 (5:08)
5. Ring Combination, Part 2 / Jackhammer Lunchbox / Systems, Part 1 (8:57)
6. Systems, Part 2 (8:05)
7. Systems, Part 3 / Steps In the Refractive Explosion (10:54)
8. Expansion Protocol, Part 1 (5:38)
9. Expansion Protocol, Part 2 / Temporal Resolution, Part 1 (5:58)
10. Temporal Resolution, Part 2 / Jackhammer Lunchbox (Reprise) (5:06)
11. Temporal Resolution, Part 3 (2:19)

Steps In the Refractive Explosion by w.x

Densitometry is available for download here.

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  1. This post couldn’t be more on the money


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