SML010 w.x – Morphology

The tenth Sethmol release is Morphology. This album continues with the drones of Ambient Thermometer but is more stripped down. The tones are in even deeper frequencies and the mood is darker. Even though the sounds were 100% mechanically produced they have a very organic feel to them. Morphology is a branch of biology dealing with the form and structure of organisms so the title seems to fit well.

Released: 04 Dec 2007
Genres: Drone, Dark Ambient

1. Erosion Decay (4:01)
2. Amoeba (15:58)
3. Sylph Formation (7:57)
4. Borealis (6:47)
5. Helical (9:29)
6. Organism (9:29)
7. Moribund (21:29)

Erosion Decay by w.x

Morphology is available for download here.

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