SML011 w.x – Cure For Deafness

Cure For Deafness is exactly what its name implies. Noise. Harsh, aggressive, ear-splitting dog howling noise. These songs were created either from pure raw emotions or very wayward experimentation. There are layers upon layers of distortion on top of mutilated synthesizer tracks. The goal was to emulate the true feelings of some of mankind’s more untamed emotions, such as hatred, rage and animosity. At times hearing these emotions played out can be unbearable but they are meant to expose the true beast in all of us.

WARNING: Please use caution when listening to this album at high volume.

Released: 16 April 2008
Genres: Experimental, Noise

1. War On Feedback (3:43)
2. Odyssey Scream (1:45)
3. Bastardizer (3:04)
4. Hemmorhage Void (2:03)
5. Watch Your Ears (2:10)
6. Clusterfucker (2:28)
7. Modulation Transport (4:42)
8. Transmission Sequence (1:59)
9. The Mutilation of an Entire Species (4:57)
10. Pattern (2:32)
11. Millennia (8:14)
12. War Wounds (3:02)
13. Bone Marrow Malfunction (2:29)
14. From Here to Herro (7:33)

War Wounds by w.x

Cure For Deafness is available for download here.

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