SML012 w.x – Incapacitation

Incapacitation was created alongside Cure For Deafness and they were both completed on the same cold spring night. Though this album is completely different. Its droning textures create a catatonic atmosphere, expressing the bleakness that this world sometimes shows us. Its tones submerge you into a dark environment where things can be frightening and it can feel like all hope is lost. Through each song this world becomes more like reality and acceptance sets in, forcing into your mind the idea that nothing is lost; it is merely traveling at a different pace than you. Incapacitation is a lesson in not giving up and striving towards righting the wrongs and getting back on track.

Released: 16 April 2008
Genres: Experimental, Dark Ambient, Drone

1. Placid (2:30)
2. Expiration (3:41)
3. Cerebrum (11:43)
4. Frozen Kaleidoscope (4:21)
5. Lobotomy (5:09)
6. The 6th, 7th, and 8th Dimensions (11:41)
7. Diplomacy Convention (7:07)
8. Molecular Structure (2:44)
9. Nematode (4:48)
10. Solstice (4:54)

Solstice by w.x

Incapacitation is available for download here.

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