SML014 w.x – A Millimeter Across

Sometimes an album is destined to honor and destroy at the same time. While in the process of making this album I suffered the loss of a very close friend and metaphysical colleague. His death hit me hard on many levels. All of a sudden this album had a much bigger purpose, one that was hard to fully capture in this dimension. A Millimeter Across became an opus of my musical career up to that point. It features several genres, including ambient, drone and noise. It seemed to sum up everything I had done and everything I had worked towards. Where could I go from there? After pouring my heart and soul into this project, trying to make it be the music to honor his spirited yet short life, all I ended up with was music that expressed the void left behind. That crushing feeling of having something ripped out of your very soul. Such a feeling is hard to describe in this limited language. The music does a better job of explaining it.

Released: 27 October 2008
Genres: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Noise
Dedicated to the late Mike Milem (1987-2008)

1. Prologue 05 Sep 2008 (11:28)
2. Forward, Together Forward (3:54)
3. Cosmic Burnout (8:25)
4. Homeland For the Pigeons (3:41)
5. Sediment (8:31)
6. Consolation Prize (8:54)
7. Seaweed Scum (8:51)
8. Gravity Drain (9:38)
9. On the Eve of Dusk (4:07)
10. Eulogy (9:31)

On the Eve of Dusk by w.x

A Millimeter Across is available for download here.

Take a picture for me to listen to…something between the sun and the sky that is fair and balanced…where strangers feel like family and we are the agents of our own

From here, I can see for miles.

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