News and a New Year

The entire Sethmol back catalog is now available for download in one way or another. In the near future it will all be available for download from the Internet Archive. In the meantime, there are a few news tidbits to address.

By the end of the year I will be finished with a new w.x release, Kid Coda. It is an album I have sat on for the last couple years and never got around to finishing. I recently revisited the works and edited them into a complete album. There are just a few technical aspects to take care of before it will be released, hopefully by the end of the year.

After that there will be another w.x release that I have started working on in the past month. I recently purchased a synthesizer and have recorded a lot of sounds from it. I am currently working on editing those sounds along with some theremin recordings I have done and another album will be on its way shortly after Kid Coda. More info will come out about this project as it becomes available.

Also, the next Slow Motion Warfare project is in the works. Naturally, it will be called Error: 02 and will feature the same type of experimental noise drone as the first one. It is currently slow going as there are other projects taking priority over this one. It is still open for collaboration if any one is interested.

I hope everyone is having a safe and productive holiday season and I wish you all the happiest of new years.

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