SML015 w.x – Kid Coda

Kid Coda represents growing up. It’s the end of childish things. For over 2 years no new material had been put together. These songs were the really good ones from a collection of failed attempts and uninspiring experimentation. Doing what had been done was not producing decent results. It’s time to move on to different ways of making sound.

This album is a reflection on the past 2 years. It showcases some of things I have learned, as well as some of things I’ve seen. It features some of the darkness that has never really left and how much of a consequence it would be to fall victim to it. It features some new techniques and experiments with feedback and it also contains some things I don’t want to give up.

Released: 30 December 2010
Genres: Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Noise

1. Gamma (6:27)
2. No Man Loses His Freedom (4:06)
3. Orbital Floor Fragment (7:00)
4. Core Patterns (6:42)
5. Malfunctions (4:54)
6. The Fog (3:17)
7. Factory Ward (6:29)
8. Feedback Loops (5:10)
9. Rose Thorn (11:02)

Feedback Loops by w.x

Kid Coda is available for download here.

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