Review: Entheogen – Tryptamine EP

Label: BFW Recordings
Catalog No: BFW102

Drum ‘n’ Bass melts with psychedelia in this 3 track EP. The beats are solid and the atmosphere is lush. The mood it creates is very relaxing yet tense. It’s like being in a nightclub chilling out right before the mescaline kicks in. There is a certain lack of consistency with the whole album. “Javanese Dance”, the first track, is a quick Drum ‘n’ Bass beat with mild electronic experimentation. The other two songs are more downtempo and much less beat driven. The latter tracks are also more appropriate for the concept the artist was trying to express. “Neuromodulator” (of which tryptamine is) has a very chillout vibe as is swirls around, floating six feet above existence and in time to its beats. “Trip to Mine” features samples from a man describing a DMT trip. If he was going for a concept or if it’s all a big coincidence it is unclear.

Standout track: Neuromodulator
Rating: 3.5 stars

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  1. ImeNeko

     /  17/01/2011

    Trust me he was going for a concept… I just love `trip to mine`


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