Review: Braids – Native Speaker

Label: Kanine
Catalog No: KR622

If this is the future of pop music, bring it on. I can definitely get used to hearing this on a regular basis. This album sums up the past decade of music. By weeding out all the insipid crap that indie music has put out recently, Braids have been able to fuse together a compendium of good sounds and make it their own.

Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s voice is dreamy punk vibratos bouncing in between swirls of ambient synths and quaint guitars. She is a trusted chauffeur, guiding you seamlessly through blissful songs of pure emotion, never missing a turn. Every breath she emits flows above the music and into a special dormitory inside the soul. She is able to make you feel euphoria and rage at the same time. Few singers are able to do that.

The music is an electronic uproar, exploding with manipulation that crashes into waves of ambiance. They pair up to form an instrumental tour de force that compliment the vocals superbly. Adding the normalcy of drums and bass to the mix make these unique sounds more approachable. You can tell they took time crafting these songs and the organic flow of the album shows that all time was not in vain. This is a stunning debut from a band that will hopefully keep the new sounds coming.

Standout track: Lammicken
Rating: 4.5 stars

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