Review: adamned.age – Fragile

Label Camomille Music
Catalog No: CML007

Hanne Adam’s Fragile is a remedy for any disjointed soul. A true ambient adventure involving traditional instruments that can bring you back down from that ledge and soothe your every pain. She has created 8 atmospheric lullabies for the mind that won’t lull you to sleep. Instead, they center your brain and clear out all the cobwebs festering inside from years of modern day anguish.

By combining classical piano, drum machine beats, minor distortion and reverberated swells, adamned.age has given us a way to accept the terrors of our current age. This acceptance is only temporary, though. Once listening has concluded, you emerge from the cocoon she weaved for you with a burning desire to alter the world drastically. This feeling was present before but nowhere near as prominent.

These songs are true candy for your ears. Clicks and pops form the beats that bounce back and forth between your eardrums, using your brain as a causeway. There are moments throughout that are so beautiful I am almost moved to tears. It’s releases like these that remind us what music is really all about: an extension of our souls, meant to calm our tattered minds and make us whole again.

Standout track: Interstellarraum
Rating: 4.5 stars

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