Review: Aois-Dubh – gång på gång

Label: en stillhet som döden
Catalog No: N/A

gång på gång is an EP consisting of only one track. It was composed from field recordings and has evolved into a spooky drone piece. For the first few minutes cascades of distant voices hover around you, like spirits hiding behind a plexiglass mirror. Their bewildering conversations slowly morph with the wind as it blows down a long hallway. The voices still hover; they become louder and more frantic. Their voices mourn and cry, their last pains and laments flowing forth. The whole song paints a picture where each stroke reveals another part to the entire story. The haunting sounds’ progressions point to a very sinister and evil ending. At the end their voices are abruptly cut off. As soon as the painting is finished a portal is opened and the voices flee our existence, never to return again.

Rating: 4 stars

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