Review: Mystified – Return of Plunderman

Label: Webbed Hand
Catalog No: wh167

In order to fully understand the return of Plunderman, I had to first experience the adventures of Plunderman to figure out why Plunderman came back. Adventures of Plunderman is a bunch of old vinyl recordings that are cut up and put together to make new songs. The overall vibe is very upbeat, something you could dance lightly to.

When Plunderman returns he is still in a mood to dance. Mystified uses loops to their fullest extent but at times it just feels like you’re going around in a circle. He has created a chamber for Ambient music to thrive in, sure the beats bounce off the walls but the atmosphere it creates is both upbeat and captivating. He used the same techniques as the first Plunderman, creating new music out of old tunes. It has an old-timey feel to it, like listening to old jazz records in a concert hall built in the early 1900s. The electronic beats throughout give it a modern twist and turn the songs into encore performances at a dark and chilled out club.

Standout track: Plunderman 7
Rating: 4 stars

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  1. Thank you for the nice review!

  2. Octo Pie

     /  24/04/2011

    I’ve heard several Mystified releases over the years. The artist seems to crank them out at a rapid fire pace. I’ve never really been able to get into the stuff because it’s mostly really monotonous and formulaic. It’s also seems the music is created with unoriginal loops/beats that anyone can get off the internet. I end up just clicking next or fast-forward on the tracks. It all sounds the same from minute to minute and lacks heart. That’s been my impression with most all Mystified music.


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