Review: Radiohead – The King of Limbs

The more time that passes on this withering planet, the weirder Radiohead gets.

It has been over 3 years since In Rainbows and like each Radiohead album, the wait has been worth it. With each release, the listener is presented with a psychological endeavor. Their songs always seem to stir the heart, soul and psyche. The listener goes down a road of emotional distress, introspective analysis and eventual gratification. Most of their releases have changed my life in some small form. Their last two albums were coincidentally released during turning points in my life. The powers that be must have a very strange and twisted sense of humor. Momentous changes, be they good or bad, start happening in my life and around the same time Radiohead comes out with a new album.

The King of Limbs appears to be no exception. Like their previous releases, their sound is progressive and distinct. This time they have utilized low frequency buzzes that periodically invade your ears for a few mesmerizing moments. The rhythms are more complex and the drums have taken a principal role in the music. There are many chimes, clangs and other onomatopoeic sounds that add an eccentric element. Thom Yorke’s voice flows in and out of the music, aiding in the creation of an eerie mood that pierces your spine. All of it conjures up thoughts and images that force you to examine the point of your existence in this carbon-based body you have borrowed from the elements.

The alienation Radiohead is known for still lurks in the shadows of this album though it doesn’t make itself apparent right away. The first few songs have a lively feel to them that progressively descend into a deep dark world as the album advances. The somber feelings begin to set in and you know that you have been called upon to undergo another period of self-examination. Hopefully we will all emerge from it as better human beings with clearer minds and purer hearts.

Standout track: Codex
Rating: 5 stars

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  1. dep

     /  03/03/2011

    It truly is a magical album. Gets better with every listen. 🙂


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