Review: Mister Vapor – Warped Essence 2 EP

Label: Treetrunk Records
Catalog No: treetrunk 132

Glitch and Industrial are fused together with dark overtones in this 3 track EP from Mister Vapor, a side project from Mystified. It is a great representation of the sounds we hear around us every day. Each day a new symphony unfolds before our ears as we hear the birds and traffic. It is unique to our ears and no one will ever hear that exact performance again. Mister Vapor has taken that concept and added some foot-tapping to it.

This release is full of rhythmic loops and elements of Drone and Dark Ambient. The crossing of genres is common with this artist and he handles them well, like an ambassador to many nations eager to bring the edges of Earth closer together. These 3 songs are very enjoyable albeit ominous. Though you will get the urge to get up and dance, I wouldn’t recommend it. Odds are you will end up floating into another dimension.

Standout track: The Wrench In the Gears
Rating: 4.5 stars

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  1. Superb! Thank you!

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