Review: coldreavers – Blue Eyes

Label: Trippin’ the Rift
Catalog No: TTRR003

Trip-hop and Ambient. A great combo but add some World Music to that mix. After blending on pulse for about 30 seconds Blue Eyes is what oozes out of your speakers. Hailing from Russia, coldreavers has taken elements from African and Middle Eastern music to create a dark and groovy downtempo adventure. The crawling beats are supplemented by bleak tremors from Ambient swells that submerge you into a dark pool of sorrow.

There are a few different vocalists who contributed their beautiful tones to this chillout elegy for a long reclusive evening. They range in style, genre and language but they all make massive contributions to the atmosphere. They lighten the intensity of the music, putting a human aspect to it from where we can perceive it better. Such intensity on its own could almost be unbearable at times. The vocals are a guide on our tour through a different world. A dark world of despair and anguish. One that all humans stumble into from time to time.

I highly recommend this album to any Ambient or Trip-Hop fan. All Massive Attack fans should check it out too.

Standout track: Morning In the Café
Rating: 4.5 stars

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