Review: dep – dep

Label: BFW Recordings
Catalog No: BFW111

As you feel your heart coursing its beats through your veins, a great wistful feeling begins to encircle you. Sweeping graces of ambient spectrums cascade down upon subtle fragmented rhythms. You are lifted up into the empty space blessed by the choirs of chords and the drones to nourish your soul.

dep has created an immense progression of pieces made with your well-being in mind. The tones heard can bring about regeneration of the human spirit. You can crawl in between the ambient waves and make a bed to rest your mind. Manipulation of human voices move the works into a linguistic labyrinth, where what is being said does not matter so long as it is heard.

This is a stunning relaxation for the mind, body and soul. A downtempo immersion into the within, with positive results.

Standout track: City Nights
Rating: 4.5 stars

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