SML017 Slow Motion Warfare – Error: 02

This is the second attempt at melding the genres of noise and drone together. Error: 02 is 5 experimental tracks, drenched in reverb, delay and distortion. They create an agitated yet comforting mood, ideal for trying to digest the tribulations of a strange day or lifetime. Though this project is highly experimental in nature, moods and emotions are still evoked. This is entirely without intention and the main purpose is to see what happens when two opposite ends of the musical spectrum come together.

Genres: Drone, Experimental, Noise

Error: 02.1 (19:04)
Error: 02.2 (11:52)
Error: 02.3 (5:20)
Error: 02.4 (12:37)
Error: 02.4.1 (12:19)

Download here.

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