Review: Jeremy Macachor – Jeremy Macachor

Label: blocSonic
Catalog No: BSOG0011

We are a species of travelers and seekers. The road map of our lives is large and confusing, and it diverts into billions of possible scenarios and outcomes. As we explore what the map has to offer and battle the tribulations therein, a soundtrack becomes more and more necessary. Something that represents what was experienced. Something to add a little bit of joy in a harsh world.

Jeremy Macachor’s debut is a great album for trekking the mountains of life. They evoke the feeling of driving in the country on an open and desolate road at dusk, watching the heavens paint a gorgeous tapestry as the stars begin to alight. It would also be a great listen on a passenger train, flying by nameless houses and cities as you reach your destination for new experiences and a new beginning.

Jeremy’s wonderful guitar work compliments the ambient elements created for your listening pleasure and your narcolepsy. It’s as if the entire world is closing down for a much needed day’s rest and is being rocked to sleep by his ethereal strumming. The occasional electronic rhythms add a mechanical sense just to remind you that you can’t lie down and sleep forever just yet; you still have to function on this plane of existence a little longer. He has created a wonderful work of sound art that is ideal for the wandering vagabond in all of us.

Standout track: American Spirit
Rating: 4.5 stars

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