Review: Natural Snow Buildings – Waves of the Random Sea

Label: Blackest Rainbow

While floating in a submerged block of ice somewhere in the North Atlantic, a great awakening occurred. My body melted into the frozen walls, disintegrating into billions of atoms intertwining with the watery crystals. My mind watched the molecular struggle from a telescope safely perched on the moon. Periodic moments of fear and anguish swept over, which quickly folded back behind waves of serenity. Light from the sun and moon pierced the ice, illuminating the loose particles that make up my carbon-based module.

Fragments of my skin and bones emerged from the underwater slab. They twisted in the currents and began to drift away, content with their certain fate of being lost forever. The block of ice began to fade, freeing what was left of my tangible body. As the currents writhed in the ocean, my mind summoned my soul and a grand collision of celestial forces reassembled my body. A great sleep had washed over at sometime during this process and upon awakening the album concluded.

The haunting beauty that Natural Snow Buildings presents is a cosmic gift. Play their music in the background and you will be lifted up to the heavens with drones and chimes. My only concern with Waves of the Random Sea is that they seem to have hit a creativity roadblock. As gorgeous as their music is, it is all beginning to sound the same. They have not evolved as much as one would expect. They have progressed into more droney soundscapes that after a while begin to sound monotonous. There is not enough engaging sounds to keep the listener captivated. It would be easy to drift off to sleep. Which can be a good thing.

Standout track: Still Desert
Rating: 4 stars

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