Review: Mystified & The Ghost Between the Strings – Ghostbone

Label: Webbed Hand
Catalog No: wh174

Drone. Pure untarnished drone. The sheer density of this album blocks out the possibility of any other sounds emerging through its sine waves. You sink into a lush mire of beautiful sound. It envelopes you from head to toe, gently rocking your ears into a subconscious state. A darkness sweeps in that eradicates your fears and puts your mind at rest. It is quite difficult to make dark and ominous sounds beautiful but these two have done it.

Mystified, the genre-bending multi-instrumentalist has paired up with dark ambient’s own The Ghost Between the Strings to create an extremely refined vision of our supernatural world. Hums and chimes glide in and out as drones pile on top of each other. Agitation is soothed and rage is melted. The constant murmuring is enough to make anyone slightly uneasy. To get past these feelings one must dive deep into the sounds and find a comfortable spot to watch the spectacle unfold.

This collaboration is one of the best I have heard in a long time. Both artists forged their strong points into this and the result is a pinnacle for dark ambient music. The only obstacle is one faced by all drone and dark ambient acts – monotony. Though these sounds are gorgeous and unique, by the time you reach the end it feels like one long drone track. This monotonous cycle doesn’t take a lot away from the music itself. It is still a fantastic listen and highly recommended for anyone wanting to escape the noise inside their own head.

Standout track: Frigid Elevation
Rating: 4.5 stars

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