Review: Subterrestrial – Nature Is Infinite

Label: Webbed Hand
Catalog No: wh177

Nature. The material world. The sum total of the forces at work throughout the universe. Nature has a hand in everything that happens on this plane of existence. Everything you have ever seen, heard and experienced and everything going on inside of you at this very moment. Thanks to nature, you are able to read this review right now. Every atom currently in existence in the universe owes a serious debt to nature.

Subterrestrial’s homage to nature goes beyond what most of us think of when we hear that word. Nature is more than the sunset reflecting off a still pond. It is everything. The intricacies that are found in every square millimeter of this planet could not be if the forces that be toiled for eons. It has been at work since the dawn of time and will continue to work well after you and I have faded from existence and the keyboard I am typing on decays into its natural state. Nature truly is infinite. Some might even say that nature is God, if you believe in that sort of thing. They would be correct. If you want to be closer to God, worship nature.

Six organic soundscapes waft about in the space between your ears. The cascades of sound numb your outer senses and give you an idea of what is going on inside. Your heartbeat becomes the only clock you need to follow. You can feel the blood racing through your veins, the flashes of lightning in your brain, the trillions of movements from your nerve endings. You can begin to get a sense of your connection to the rest of the universe. A tiny window opens as you slowly start to understand that we are all a part of nature. We are all one, part of the ever-turning wheel that makes up our existence.

Standout track: The Lava Tube
Rating: 4 stars

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