Review: Low – C’mon

Label: Sub Pop
Catalog No: SP905

Low have always been a band for the moper in all of us. Their depressing lyrics and slowcore music style have always been a welcome friend on those dark and lonely nights. After the political statements and alienation of Drums and Guns, it seemed as if they collapsed into a dark and heavy abyss, never to return to our world again.

This was the case for four years until C’mon emerged from the thawing lakeside city of Duluth. A shimmer of optimism gleams from their ninth album. Melancholy stills hangs overhead though its bleakness is nowhere near as asphyxiating. It provides a small message to all of us hiding under our beds, afraid of the big bad world. This is Low telling us to make our appearance known and join the fight towards making the world better for all. It will be an arduous task full of setbacks and heartache, but we must strive forth. Never give up until you are happy and everyone else around you is just as happy.

As the title suggests, come on. It’s about time we finally do.

Standout track: Majesty / Magic
Rating: 4.5 stars

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