SML018 w.x – The Edge of the Universe EP

Free download here

As we learn more and more about the universe we inhabit, more questions are raised. At one time or another each of us have contemplated our place and meaning in this existence. Most of us cannot answer these questions. One logical answer about our universe is that it must have an edge, just like everything inside it. What is beyond that edge is one of the greatest mysteries ever. The Edge of the Universe takes us on a celestial journey from our own atmosphere into the massive void that is the universe. Drones reveal the beauty of space and dark moods make us realize just how insignificant we really are.

There are four new tracks on this EP plus a remix of “Static Moment”. The overall ambiance summons our minds to drift amongst the galaxies and constellations. Some day we will find the edge of the universe and it will reveal to us many answers to questions us mortals simply cannot answer.

Genres: Dark Ambient, Drone, Space Ambient

1. Auriga (4:11)
2. Exosphere (7:55)
3. The Space Between Galaxies (6:16)
4. Infinity (8:38)
5. Static Moment (Interstellar Hypnosis Remix) (6:06)

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