SML019 w.x – Certain Species

“Certain Species” is the opening track from my next album, Transmigration, set to be released 08 September. This song is an homage to the migratory patterns of animals. Only certain species migrate every year and some migrate continuously their entire lives. There are many perils and struggles on this path but it is what makes them unique on this planet. The atmospheric tones and revolving patterns reflect the circular process of our existence and how it is our nature to do what we do.

Also featured on this single are two drone tracks that will not be on Transmigration. They exhibit the light and dark sides to instinct and the evolution of the mind. We experience both aspects on a regular basis and in order to evolve properly we must find a balance between the two, harnessing the positive from both good and bad.

Genres: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone

1. Certain Species (5:56)
2. Human Exodus (5:17)
3. Orpheus (4:45)

You can download all three songs for free from any of the links below:

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