SML020 w.x – Transmigration

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Transmigration was forged by two main concepts: nature and change. They both go hand in hand. Nature is constantly changing. Human beings, being a part of nature, are also constantly changing. Sometimes we do not have a say in what changes in our lives. There are times where we can uproot and take our troubles to another world and start all over. Though we can’t control every aspect of our lives, we ultimately change because of the decisions we have made. These decisions are not always wise. Sometimes we enter dark forests and feel trapped amongst the aged trees. We can always emerge and spread our wings.

Transmigration has nine songs each with its own repeating pattern. They reflect the inevitable circles created by nature. Everything eventually comes back to itself, good or bad. Only once we free ourselves from this constant recycling of life will our souls be truly free.

Tracks 2 and 8 contain samples from Overtone Drones by Mystified.

Genres: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone

1. Certain Species (5:56)
2. Induced Exile (3:39)
3. In the Middle of Ill (4:58)
4. Animalia (3:28)
5. The Evolutionary Loop (5:01)
6. Natural Habitat (3:58)
7. Circular (3:43)
8. Above the Horizon (5:47)
9. Phoenix (8:12)

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  1. w.x. has a cool, expansive sound.
    I especially enjoy the repetitive leitmotifs on “Animalia.”


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