Review: Dark Ambient Forest – Blissful Loneliness

After much anticipation we finally got a full length album from this very promising artist. It is an atmospheric journey for the heart and soul. It takes you through many spiritual dimensions and sends you gliding down a glass chute into a crystal clear lake. There is wonderful experimentation and great guitar work throughout. It tugs at your emotions too as you begin to feel how he felt as he made these songs. Some of these feelings are very somber but optimistic and others are full of the primal rage we all keep hidden under our exteriors.

Every song on here has something about it that I love. The first track is the only one I have a problem with. Although it starts out beautifully it erupts into a slaughter of ear ripping noise that does not fit with the other songs on the album. That aside, I think it is a great first release and everyone should hear it.

Standout track: Blissful Experiences in the Blue Sky
Rating: 4 Stars

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