Review: Lusruta – Roh EP

Label: Aesthesea
Catalog No: STC011

Drilling a hole deep into the earth, in search of new enlightenment, the underground rumblings of Lusruta emerge. The new EP is a departure from Solemnizing the Trivial, featuring electronic beats and speeds more suitable for the dance floor than your meditative conscience. The earth still quivers under the industrial mindset brought forth as pensive tones break through the wall of noise. There is an experimental edge to the sounds presented. Your inward travels are manipulated and you get tossed in a different direction. You end up in unexplored crevices of your mind and come out illuminated.

The two distinct styles of dark ambient and industrial trade off, forming a unique harmonious connection. They bind our complex feelings of peace and discontent and find a balance. It teaches us that we will have both sides within us at all times and that one cannot survive without the other.

Rating: 4 stars
Standout track: Habitude

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