Review: Björk – Biophilia

It has been over 4 years since Björk has released a new album and over 7 since she released a good one. During this dormant period the love and adoration I had for my favorite artist of all time hibernated, buried in a crystal box under a layer of ice to be rediscovered when the metamorphosis of time melts the ice away.

Björk’s constantly evolving talent has always rekindled a deep respect and fascination with each new album. This was not the case with Volta. Though there were still amazing songs and unique sounds, the album as a whole did not revitalize the forces of the universe and usher in a new chapter of life. Biophilia has rewritten that chapter and illuminated the individual galaxies of our known universe with a heavenly voice dipped in silver ink, shining brightly inside our souls.

Ingenious compositions and concepts were employed to make this the ultimate organic experience. Specially made instruments show off the experimental cosmic side of her music but her reasons for using them tie her ideas to the earth. Every sound, every word, every variation of atmospheric pressure on this album is there for a specific reason and the concept would fail if it was omitted. This painstaking process makes it understandable why we have waited 4 years for new material although I must say it was worth it. Every second of waiting drifts into a fog once you hear the first chimes of “Moon”. The gaps of time are bridged and it doesn’t matter how much of that absurd time has passed.

Björk has once again made it known that she is going to do things her way. Which is totally fine by me. In 20 years she went from singer of pop songs to the most innovative artist of our time. She has flowed with the fluctuating waves of time and molded alongside them. She has given us many messages over the years but the one that resonates the most is this: Don’t get stuck in time. Always do something new and different. Every day is a new experience and a new chance to learn. Never stop learning.

Rating: 5 stars
Standout track: Virus

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