SML021 w.x – Convergence of Time

Set some time aside and just go away to a place of comfort. It could be found in your favorite getaway, deep inside your mind, or both at the same time. We all need a source of escape in these dreadful times. A place where we can forget the stresses and negativity of the world and find solace, insight and peace. A place untouched by modern desecration and lovingly embraced by the arms of nature. Here, you can sink into the tapestries of life and time itself seems to stop as you recharge your spirit, energizing your soul.

Convergence of Time is an homage to our personal retreats. These six tracks cut off the cords that attach us to this dimension and take us on an inward journey towards better times and better places. The drones and placid synths carry the seeds of contentment, sowing them inside us. These seeds will sprout into positive feelings and clearer minds. Slow down and enjoy the miracles of nature. You will emerge a more enlightened being.

Free Download at Bandcamp
Free Download at Internet Archive

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