Review: J. Dujardin – Lessons in Failure

The simplistic vibrations of a piano always seem to reflect our deepest and most personal emotions. They can make us laugh, cry and explode in a fit of rage. What J. Dujardin has presented us with on Lessons in Failure is a sad reflection of our lives and mistakes expressing them through one of the most versatile instruments ever conceived: the piano.

These 13 tracks are nothing but a somber piano echoing against quiet ambient soundscapes in the background. The morose feelings glide across a desolate plain and reach your ears with a heartbreaking certainty, forcing you to examine your place in the world and the choices you have made. There are glimmers of hope throughout these songs, teaching you that we must never regret our decisions and always forge on toward better things. As we, the human race, continues to strive we will continue to answer our greatest questions and come closer to being united with the spirits of nature. J. Dujardin paints a landscape for our souls to traverse wherein we will discover ancient keys to our escape from these earthly bodies.

These simple expressions are a lesson in the age old practice of “Less is more”. In order to transcend the world into a more heavenly place in the cosmos we must keep things simple. These days everything is so complex and intricate that no one takes the time to stop and look at the big picture anymore. We just seem to struggle through more and more complications. These complications always lead to failure and displacement. Lessons in Failure takes our defeats and lays them in front of us, revealing the faults and ways to solve them.

This release is something to take in on a personal level. Listen to it alone and let all of its insight absorb inside your soul. You will feel the presence of the spirits from other dimensions that watch over and protect you. You may be overwhelmed by sadness but at the same time the warmth of a fire will ignite inside you, clearing your senses. That great urge to keep going will never leave you and will always pull you through.

Rating: 4 stars
Standout Track: I Will Stand Next to You

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