The Shimmer Effect – Uranometria

Label: Bushmen Records
Catalog No: bush30

In the current world of music, it is very common to come across an artist that is very fluid with their choice of genres. These days contrary genres are being fused together to create new sounds, be they good or bad. The Shimmer Effect have taken elements from an array of genres, including Ambient, Techno, Hip-Hop and World Music and threw them all into a high-powered blender. After blending on pulse for what seems like endless hours, a vibrant collection of songs pours out. Colorful, flavorful and very chilled, this is one concoction that is good for you.

This duo have layers upon layers of unique sounds on this release. They use beats inspired by Hip-Hop and Techno and add dreamy soundscapes, accentuated manipulated samples from countless sources. The entire collaboration melds together, forming a cohesive bond surely meant to bring all the music lovers of the world closer together. There is a little something for everyone here. The whole thing puts you in a very chilled out mood. It’s still carries some intensity though. You keep getting a feeling like something is right around the corner waiting for you, but you are in too much of a laid back state to care. You possess the knowledge that whatever it is cannot hurt you and just wants to join you in the listening experience.

The ultimate challenge here is trying to find a distinct consistency. Though some songs flow into each other and are very complimentary, there are others that spring out of nowhere and lack a direct connection. That jumpy feeling that something is about to get you looms and you’re just not sure when it will come. I think it adds to the overall experience. They have created something new and are forcing us to experience new feelings that best explain what we are hearing. There is still a flow throughout the album, it’s just always changing. You can sense the fluidity inside as you slowly become one with the music.

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Standout Track: Paranormal Activity

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