Stellardrone – Echoes

Label: Energostatic
Catalog No: Stasis009

The clouds up above shroud the stars from our view. The sun slowly emerges from behind the mountains, shining heavenly light on everything you can see. Colors blossom before you as your mind and body prepare for another beautiful day in this existence. You are rested, peaceful and eager to experience everything the world has to offer.

These are the first thoughts generated when listening to Stellardrone’s Echoes. This Lithuanian composer has joined forces with nature, space and music to create stunning ethereal soundscapes. The drones paint an abstract landscape across an atmospheric canvas. The sounds are very gentle and calming. They shelter you from a cold rain while still giving you opportunity to look out upon the wondrous spectacle nature is creating. An Ambient flow is unceasingly felt as sounds effortlessly flow back and forth into a beautiful spectrum of tones.

Stellardrone’s orchestra of the spirit is a placid journey, taking you through the space up above and the space around you. It guides you across barren terrain’s as you get a birds-eye view of the world through a different set of eyes. The whole experience puts your own vision into perspective as you slowly learn that what you see is not all that’s really there.

Rating: 4 Stars
Standout Track: Nightscape

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