Review: Alister Flint – City Nights

Label: Treetrunk Records
Catalog No: treetrunk199

The quiet lull of a dormant city opens the door to a new world of imagination. While millions around you are descending into other cosmic planes, you are free to roam around with a choice few who are still awake. You can ride an empty subway car for hours without anyone getting on. The air seems more clear and the flow of ideas is always smoother at night.

Alister Flint has used this inspiration on his latest release, City Nights. These nine tracks were composed entirely at night, feeding off the energy seeping through abandoned streets. He gives us a glimpse of darkened street corners and a wonderful sense of solace amongst thousands of square miles of concrete. Though you’re staring at the cityscape of the metropolis, you feel like you are the only living soul for miles around.

By employing various sounds such a tribal drums, ambient soundscapes and sound collage, Flint carries the soundtrack for an evening out and about. Walking around an empty city at 3 o’clock in the morning you experience the same feelings that this album presents. There is a wide-eyed excitement but also reserved contentment, a distinct knowledge that although you feel completely alone there are millions around you that, in some form, are having the same experience right now. The serene tones of the music float around, lifting you up from the sidewalk and over the tall buildings. You can soar through the clouds and burst into a million lights as the sun slowly glides above the horizon.

Rating: 4 Stars
Standout Track: Lush Mornings

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