Review: Viral Implications – Tears of Glass EP

Label: On-Mix Media
Catalog No: onmp188

Viral Implications is making a quiet entrance into the new year with this five track EP. Mixing downtempo beats with worldly electronic vibes, a chillout experience has been manifested. You can fluidly weave in and out of the beats and feel the constant motion of everything around you. You get wrapped up inside a warm cocoon spun by lush tones and it makes you want to nestle inside and wait for your metamorphosis.

The mild poignancy of the songs shows us a human side to mechanical warblings and robotic drum patterns. The task of attaching emotion to lifeless computer sounds is difficult and this release makes the process seem effortless. There is an unfortunate inconsistent gap with some of the songs. The lack of proper transitions takes away from the fluid flow of the music. It is a subtle reminder that you are only listening to music and not experiencing a total rebirth.

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Standout Track: A Homeless Farewell

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