Album Review: Damn Robot! – Jasurp

Label: Hawk Moon Records

Through a creative mix of musical styles, the new album from Damn Robot! is a laid back stroll through your mind. Sit back and let your brains wander off for a little while. They will go to a dreamy comfort zone conceived for relaxation and subconscious contemplation. Jasurp has utilized some of the best rock, jazz, electronic and ambient elements and weaved them together into a lush blanket of monochromatic warmth.

The Honey brothers come together to spin rotating compositions that can entomb souls. Each of the songs are beautiful and full of power. They are at the same time serene and cumbersome. It feels like you are carrying a heavy weight but wouldn’t have it any other way. Each track seamlessly drifts into the next keeping you suspended in a dreamland of grey solace.

Most of the songs are sweeping downtempo epics drenched in echoes and ghostly guitar riffs. Songs like “The One Who Knocks” turn into a lounge act jam session with hindered tempos and psychedelic drizzle spattering down from the drums and guitar. Various samples of people’s voices compliment the reserved vocals, reflecting the crazy conglomerated world against our restless determined spirit. Some of these kooky samples seemed slightly out of place yet they still made me smile.

Jasurp is a restful joyride for all us passengers at the onset of night. There is a comforting wisdom that shines from the placid beats and ethereal vocals. It sets a melancholic tone for all those sad moments but it still brings us cheer. We can all find some joy in this chronicle of human emotion. No matter what happens to us in this life, always remember to find happiness where you can and keep on moving.

Standout track: A Drop In the Ocean
Rating: 4.5 Stars

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