Album Review: Ephera – Home

Ephera is Australia’s newest electronic duo with a knack for chemistry experiments. By combining elements of Ambient, Dubstep, House and many others, they have created a recipe for a comforting home-cooked meal. There are 12 courses to this harmonious banquet, each with its own entertaining blend of solace and ardor.

The first course is an appetizing introduction with rhythmic sampling and atmospheric reverberations. It sets the mood and gives us a taste of the recurring themes throughout. These sounds are joined by the addition of wonky dubstep beats pulsing in and out as the later courses arrive. An interlude comes soon after with a lazy ambient swirl, gently letting us down easy before a brief intermission.

As we adjourn from the table, an Ephera remix starts to spin around us. We snack on nuts and chips while two songs are given a twist of Ambient flavoring. They are a welcomed change-up, providing both a social mixer and an introspective journey for us guests. Even though this is a break from the normal structure they compliment the affair in stunning ways. The remixes slowly fade out the window and the next set of courses waft into our ears. The ethereal melodies give off visions of sitting on the backporch at dusk, staring up at the dyed clouds soaked with the sun’s warm spectrum.

The final course presents a long dessert session full of sweet and pensive melodies. Introspective samples are dotted throughout giving us conversational material and things to ponder. We slowly drift off into our own thoughts as the music takes a psychedelic Ambient turn. This meditative solemnity is a great way to close the feast. As a guest at this remarkable opus of electro-forest ambiance, I consider it a rousing success. I give my cheers to our two gracious hosts and hope they invite me again soon to another lush dinner for the senses.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Standout track: Reprise

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