SML023B w.x – . – The Best of w.x, Part II

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. is a 3 part series featuring the best material from w.x. Since 2007 Ian Witzel has been releasing music covering a varied selection of genres under the name w.x. He has since decided to retire that name and expand the horizons of his music. After 5 years and over 20 releases the time has come to lay w.x to rest. This compilation features an assortment of different styles and textures ranging from harsh experimental noise to the more ethereal ambient and drone.

Part II is a bridge between ambient and noise, crossing the dark abyss to bring unity to a variety of sounds. w.x was always transitioning when it came to style and technique. He always tried to forge a new path, combining different things to create sonic tapestries vibrating across the sky. On the second part there is a full display of his genre-bending material. Noisy experiments such as “Feedback Loops” and “On the Eve of Dusk” are nestled alongside the drone epics “Moth Corpse” and “Linear”. Then there are songs like “Grace Mutilation” and “Riding a Grey Cloud Across the Empty Sky” that morph into their own unique blend of distorted dreams. They all show the different states of emotion from an electronic point of view. An intense beauty drifts about the music, carrying you off to a haven beyond the horizon.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series. Keep in touch as the final part is set to be released October 6th. Thank you for listening.

1. Grace Mutilation (03:26)
2. Forward, Together Forward (03:54)
3. A Few Steps Apart (07:27)
4. Moth Corpse (10:09)
5. Animalia (03:28)
6. Ambient 3: Feedback (04:19)
7. Static Moment (03:55)
8. Sound 6: Equalization (05:22)
9. Steps In the Refractive Explosion (04:52)
10. Feedback Loops (05:10)
11. Riding a Grey Cloud Across the Empty Sky (05:10)
12. Ambient 8: Siren Release (06:15)
13. On the Eve of Dusk (04:07)
14. Linear (09:05)

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