SML024 w.x – Mini / Capsule / Evening Sunrise

Mini Capsule


This release is ten years in the making. Back in 2007, I quietly put out 2 w.x releases that didn’t receive much attention, from myself or anyone else. It has also become apparent that they never had an official release online and so they have sat in the depths of Sethmol’s world of doom with no one laying ears on them for years. Originally in 2012, I had decided to retire the w.x name and move to different musical endeavors. This just turned into a period of inactivity. Recently, I have decided to resurrect the name and like all previous resurrections, I have spent some time revisiting my past works before forward.

Mini / Capsule / Evening Sunrise is a reissue of the original works along with reworkings of each of the tracks. The Mini EP was originally made in the early summer of 2007 as a continuation of the concepts experimented with in the album Multi. Capsule / Evening Sunrise was originally released as a single in September 2007, which in hindsight made little sense with 2 tracks clocking in at almost an hour. Both tracks are early attempts at drone that would pave the way for what was to come.

Each of the six original tracks are featured here. Each track is followed by a recent reimagining of it using only the source material (“Capsule” has 2 reworkings). This release is to take a respectful look back and maybe close a few loops, while beginning to look toward whatever is coming next.

Thank you for listening. Watch this space for more.


1. One (2:42)

2. One Point One (4:43) 

3. Two (2:42) 

4. Two Point Two (5:21) 

5. Three (3:12) 

6. Three Point Three (4:49) 

7. Four (7:00) 

8. Four Point Four (7:30) 

9. Capsule (39:58) 

10. Capsule Crash (8:57) 

11. Quick Release Capsule (4:46) 

12. Evening Sunrise (17:18) 

13. Morning Sunset (6:12)



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