The Top 20 Songs of 2011

This has been a revolutionary year all around the world. Music has been no exception to this phenomenon. There have been cosmic changes in the sounds we hear and they continue to evolve, summoning our inner beings and inciting a great transformation for us all. Though I have heard many amazing songs this past year I have narrowed it down to the 20. These are the most inspiring, innovative and astonishing songs I have heard from 2011. Links have been provided to songs (where applicable) so you can hear them and gain exposure to the wonderful things they each have to offer.

20. dEUS – “Constant Now”

19. Tim Hecker – “In the Fog: II”

18. J. Dujardin – “With Nothing Left to Lose”

17. The Horrors – “You Said”

16. Tom Waits – “Bad As Me”

15. Drugstore – “Can’t Stop Me Now”

14. Radiohead – “Lotus Flower”

13. Björk – “Cosmogony”

12. Three Kinds of Water – “Festival Spirit”

11. Orbital – “Never”

10. Dark Ambient Forest – “Forest Rain”

09. Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce”

08. The Horrors – “Still Life”

07. PJ Harvey – “The Last Living Rose”

06. Drugstore – “Clouds”

05. PJ Harvey – “England”

04. Radiohead – “Codex”

03. Wishcollapse – “Opera incompiuta”

02. Björk – “Moon”

01. BRAIDS – “Native Speaker”

Honorable Mentions:
Björk – “Virus”
BRAIDS – “Lammicken”
coldreavers Feat. Stephan Kleinert – “Blue Eyes”
Deaf Center – “The Day I Would Never Have”
Grouper – “Come Softly”
J. Dujardin – “I Will Stand Next to You”
Radiohead – “Bloom”

Stay in touch for the 25 Greatest Albums of 2011 to be revealed in a few days. Until then, enjoy the music.


A Change of Scenery

This past weekend I relocated to Madison, Wisconsin. A quaint and expressive Mecca in the middle of Midwestern corn fields and turmoil. This is the city where I began my musical excursion over 4 years ago. It has been the site of joy and pain, a perfect station to review the accident that is life and apply its meanings to music.

As the dust settles and the boxes empty, the musical output has been put on hold. The new environment will be a positive stimulation for some drones and ambient loops. Tones and melodies are floating around my cosmos and will be put in an audible sequence soon. I am setting a tentative release date for Transmigration of 8 September. Expect a single featuring a song from the album and a possible b-side or two around 31 August.

To everyone who has found and enjoyed my music I thank you. I am glad I can share my aural view of the world and I hope you will continue listening.

Hope all is well,


New w.x Album In the Works

Things have been pretty quiet on here the past few months albeit not quiet in reality. Many changes and revelations are underway and some have already progressed. I am slowly but surely working on a new w.x release tentatively slated for release in September. The album, titled Transmigration, is going to be in the same realm as Spontaneous Evolution only I hope it will be more inspiring and consolatory. A single will be released in probably late August featuring a couple songs off the album and a B-side or two.

There is also talk of a compilation featuring some of my better music from my early career. Most of my early work is rubbish but there are a few gems that shine and still sound good today. More info on that will follow in due time.

I really appreciate all the support from my fans and hope you enjoy the music. Your interest helps keep netlabel and underground music alive. Thank you all very much.

New w.x Album to Be Released in February

The next w.x release, titled Spontaneous Evolution is going to be finished soon and will be released next month. The tentative release date is February 11. There will be about 8 songs and the style is less intense than previous releases. It is still very much in the realm of dark ambient and drone.

The next Slow Motion Warfare release, Error: 02 is reaching completion and will be released shortly after.

News and a New Year

The entire Sethmol back catalog is now available for download in one way or another. In the near future it will all be available for download from the Internet Archive. In the meantime, there are a few news tidbits to address.

By the end of the year I will be finished with a new w.x release, Kid Coda. It is an album I have sat on for the last couple years and never got around to finishing. I recently revisited the works and edited them into a complete album. There are just a few technical aspects to take care of before it will be released, hopefully by the end of the year.

After that there will be another w.x release that I have started working on in the past month. I recently purchased a synthesizer and have recorded a lot of sounds from it. I am currently working on editing those sounds along with some theremin recordings I have done and another album will be on its way shortly after Kid Coda. More info will come out about this project as it becomes available.

Also, the next Slow Motion Warfare project is in the works. Naturally, it will be called Error: 02 and will feature the same type of experimental noise drone as the first one. It is currently slow going as there are other projects taking priority over this one. It is still open for collaboration if any one is interested.

I hope everyone is having a safe and productive holiday season and I wish you all the happiest of new years.

Test #01

This is the inaugural test for the Sethmol Recordings Netlabel blog. Here you will find free mp3 downloads in the genres of:






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This blog will also features updates of anything of interest pertaining to my works as well as the works of any other artists that may eventually come under the Sethmol umbrella.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the music.


Ian Witzel

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