SML024 w.x – Mini / Capsule / Evening Sunrise

Mini Capsule


This release is ten years in the making. Back in 2007, I quietly put out 2 w.x releases that didn’t receive much attention, from myself or anyone else. It has also become apparent that they never had an official release online and so they have sat in the depths of Sethmol’s world of doom with no one laying ears on them for years. Originally in 2012, I had decided to retire the w.x name and move to different musical endeavors. This just turned into a period of inactivity. Recently, I have decided to resurrect the name and like all previous resurrections, I have spent some time revisiting my past works before forward.

Mini / Capsule / Evening Sunrise is a reissue of the original works along with reworkings of each of the tracks. The Mini EP was originally made in the early summer of 2007 as a continuation of the concepts experimented with in the album Multi. Capsule / Evening Sunrise was originally released as a single in September 2007, which in hindsight made little sense with 2 tracks clocking in at almost an hour. Both tracks are early attempts at drone that would pave the way for what was to come.

Each of the six original tracks are featured here. Each track is followed by a recent reimagining of it using only the source material (“Capsule” has 2 reworkings). This release is to take a respectful look back and maybe close a few loops, while beginning to look toward whatever is coming next.

Thank you for listening. Watch this space for more.


1. One (2:42)

2. One Point One (4:43) 

3. Two (2:42) 

4. Two Point Two (5:21) 

5. Three (3:12) 

6. Three Point Three (4:49) 

7. Four (7:00) 

8. Four Point Four (7:30) 

9. Capsule (39:58) 

10. Capsule Crash (8:57) 

11. Quick Release Capsule (4:46) 

12. Evening Sunrise (17:18) 

13. Morning Sunset (6:12)




Pardon the Mess

In the next few days this blog will undergo a little renovation. I am combining my my music blog and art blog into Sethmol Productions. All creative outputs will be housed under one roof and will have a little something for everyone. Sethmol Productions will feature music releases free for download, digital art and photography, paintings and writings. The writings will range anywhere from poetry and stories to reviews. Things are going to be a little jumbled while everything fits into place. Please stay tuned for brand new changes.

Review: Viral Implications – Tears of Glass EP

Label: On-Mix Media
Catalog No: onmp188

Viral Implications is making a quiet entrance into the new year with this five track EP. Mixing downtempo beats with worldly electronic vibes, a chillout experience has been manifested. You can fluidly weave in and out of the beats and feel the constant motion of everything around you. You get wrapped up inside a warm cocoon spun by lush tones and it makes you want to nestle inside and wait for your metamorphosis.

The mild poignancy of the songs shows us a human side to mechanical warblings and robotic drum patterns. The task of attaching emotion to lifeless computer sounds is difficult and this release makes the process seem effortless. There is an unfortunate inconsistent gap with some of the songs. The lack of proper transitions takes away from the fluid flow of the music. It is a subtle reminder that you are only listening to music and not experiencing a total rebirth.

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Standout Track: A Homeless Farewell

The 25 Greatest Releases of 2011

As the Gregorian Calendar draws to another close, every audiophile and entertainment publication in the world begins to compile their lists on what they consider to be the best albums of the year. As if one person or even a group of trendy youths sitting in an office can even begin to scope out the vast spectrum of music released this past year. Certainly no one can put out a list that is the official list of the best for everyone in the world. But everyone tries. Just like I am going to now.

Most of the end of year lists are assembled in order of which is best. In other words, which albums still sound good and in style at the end of the year. I built my list with a different idea in mind. I looked at the albums from this year and picked the ones that are truly the greatest. The ones that will stand the test of time and inspire the music of tomorrow. The albums that don’t belong to a specific trendy scene. These are, in my humbly mortal opinion, the albums I can see myself clicking on and enjoying all over again years from now. They have and will continue to influence the music I make and will forever provide me with the joyous gift of escape from this weary dimension.

25. Dark Ambient Forest – The Collapse of Reality EP

2011 saw the rise of this promising Australian musician. His talents progressed significantly with each release, culminating with this ominous EP. These four tracks mix dark ambient and sound collage into somber elegies of the soul. They paint a portrait of life’s difficulties and the dark hole they can drag you into.

Top Tracks: Swamp of Misanthropic Terror, Silent Storm

24. Low – C’mon

Low returned with a positive outlook and a more intense sound. This album bridges many gaps, going from poignant to soothing and bleak to upbeat. Their understated comeback adds another layer to their complex musical psyche. They have gone into a deep dark hole and come out of it wiser and more enlightened. Everything they have learned is presented to us here so that we may find our own ways to evolve.

Top Tracks: Try to Sleep, You See Everything, Witches, Especially Me

23. Grouper – A I A

Soft, dense tremors of beautiful music. That’s the best way to describe this record. From simple guitar work to Liz Harris’ gorgeous voice, this album emanates an ethereal plain of comforting melancholy. Shimmering Ambient swells envelope you like a warm soft blanket. You can lean back and fall into your own mind, reviving your soul and spirit.

Top Tracks: Soul Eraser, A Lie, Vapor Trails, Come Softly

22. Panda Bear – Tomboy

Panda Bear has yet again redefined his sound and pushed music in a wonderful direction. Abrasive drones and dense walls of sound send you into a psychedelic wonderland. He has presented a new form of psychedelic pulses for a new decade, another chapter to the manual.

Top Tracks: Tomboy, Surfer’s Hymn, Last Night at the Jetty, Alsatian Darn

21. SineRider – Ambivert EP

Five peaceful and rejuvenating songs make up this EP. It’s a quiet release with nothing revolutionary but it still possesses a wonderful gift. It is a relaxing descent into sleepy dreamlands. The serene feelings you get after listening to this need to be experienced to be understood.

Top Tracks: Light Thinker, Sleepless, Kalt

20. thescientist – Synths at Midnight EP

This prolific artist has touched base with many genres this past year. His dabbling into Ambient has been one of his best showings. Crafting heavy atmospheres that embody the pitch-black night, the scientist has given us another reason to stay up late. The night has always been a mysterious curiosity and now we have a soundtrack to accompany it.

Top Tracks: Piano at Midnight, Comet, Introspective

19. Tardiss – Behind the Blind

Taking cues from all the great IDM artists before them, Tardiss have cultivated a garden of inspiring songs for the cityscape. They slow down the world and give us a chance to appreciate all the beauty and grandeur surrounding us. The infectious beats flow through your whole body, making you want to strut your stuff on a bustling city street.

Top Tracks: Spinner, Eighty Sixty, Feathers and the Frail, Silver Fences

18. Earlyguard – Solitary Moon

Earlyguard’s subtle electronic impulses have crafted a Drone opus on a celestial scale. The spacey tones transport you to the cosmos and filter out all unfortunate vibrations. Blissful and placid, the atmospheres expand before you as the orchestra of space is played. Though dark and lonely, there is comfort to be found in this album’s vast emptiness.

Top Tracks: Luna Approaching, Solitary Moon

17. Deaf Center – Owl Splinters

Extremely Dark Ambient music meshes with classical overtones in this stunning atmospheric presentation. The various soundscapes compliment each other and fill us with poignant lamentations. Such spectacles take us from one end of the emotional spectrum to another, giving us a sorrowful yet joyful feeling that is so hard to express correctly.

Top Tracks: New Beginning (Tidal Darkness), The Day I Would Never Have, Close Forever Watching

16. dEUS – Keep You Close

dEUS have come full circle. From their humble beginnings in the Alt Rock 90’s, they have transformed into a mature band that still knows how to rock. They have ditched their artsy styles for standard rock formats yet still manage to surprise us. They have found a niche in the overpopulated world of rock music and are calling it their own. They have once again impressed and evolved, leaving the door open for what happens next.

Top Tracks: Keep You Close, Dark Sets In, Constant Now, Easy

15. J. Dujardin – Lessons In Failure

One of the most poignant and beautiful releases of the year, J. Dujardin pours his heart and soul into a somber piano against dense minimalism. His heartbreaking perspective of life is a lesson to us all and each of us can relate to the sorrowful expressions of these songs. The overall simplicity is a welcome change from the complexities of modern music. This album is stripped down to the very core emotions that exist deep inside us all.

Top Tracks: As the End Draws Near, Sunken Into the Ground, I Will Stand Next to You, With Nothing Left to Lose

14. Uitgezonderd – Stervend Stil Leven

Dark and soothing piano tones are Uitgezonderd’s secret weapon. They are bleak and sad yet optimistic, giving us a view of better times. They compliment the ominous electronic soundscapes penetrating the background. This simple release is sublime in its message. It’s a portal that opens the doors in our hearts, healing us and giving us the wisdom to make positive strides in the world.

Top Tracks: Rugosa, Vernietiging, Kerpen, Vaarwel

13. coldreavers – Blue Eyes

A mysterious man from Russia has merged Ambient, Trip-Hop and World Music into a stunning blend of music that transcends cultures. Crawling beats intertwine with various vocalists and take us on a tour of the darker sides to life. There are sounds on here that have never been heard before and they are all mixed into each other, creating a surreal experience.

Top Tracks: Flying, Morning In the Café, Face In the Moon, Blue Eyes, Heart

12. Lusruta – Solemnizing the Trivial

Lusruta sends us on a mission into our minds with quest for revelation. The intense drones drown you in a sea of mental stability, healing your body and soul. You float amongst the sounds, staring intently at the lush tranquility that surrounds a bleak and dark world. Immerse yourself in this album and you will be revitalized, blessed with new insight and wisdom.

Top Tracks: Ruh, Nadir, Maban

11. J. Dujardin – This Will Be the Last

Guitars take the helm in this sonic underworld journey. An ominous wave crashes above as you lie submerged in desolate waters. Ambient tremors echo around you and you quickly learn to face the morose feelings head on. This is one of the most enjoyable dark albums of the year. Its eerie overtones are a source of comfort and provide a wonderful listening experience.

Top Tracks: Seashore, Destruction, New Beginning, It Will Never End

10. Adamned.age – Fragile

Fragile is eight soothing lullabies. A harmonious blanket in which you can take solace for a short rejuvenation. The dream world being weaved is grounded by the programmed drums that keep your feet on the ground. You are still left with room to float about. Simply enjoy the voyage and where it takes you.

Top Tracks: Seclusion, Interstellaraum, Integration Schmerz, Fragile

09. Drugstore – Anatomy

Drugstore have returned, gun in hand, prepared to show the world they will never give up. After years of hardship and torrential adversity, frontwoman Isabel Monteiro has emerged stronger and ever more vigilant. She has indexed her lessons and turmoils on this album. With a toned-down style and sentimental mood, she gives us a glimpse into the world of perseverance. Anatomy shows us the true strength of a survivor.

Top Tracks: Sinner’s Descent, Can’t Stop Me Now, Standing Still, Clouds

08. Tom Waits – Bad As Me

Tom Waits has pulled out all the stops and gave us a short summary of his life. By utilizing his strongest points he has made an extremely versatile album. Everyone can relate to at least one thing on here. He makes us angry then puts it all into perspective, making us reflect on life and the big picture. He does this all while remaining the weirdest and baddest mother ever to get behind a microphone in a seedy bar.

Top Tracks: Chicago, Get Lost, Face to the Highway, Bad As Me, Hell Broke Luce

07. The Horrors – Skying

The spirit of shoegaze is being kept alive by this group of British youngsters. They are a cusp of the coming resurgence of early 90s underground music. They have taken lush Ambient textures and infused them with classic British rock elements, forcing the two to make a psychedelic love child. Distorted walls of sound have officially come full circle and now the idea is evolving. This is the start of a new chapter in rock music.

Top Tracks: Changing the Rain, You Said, Endless Blue, Still Life, Oceans Burning

06. Tim Hecker – Ravedeath, 1972

Tim Hecker has set a new standard in electronic music. Ambient, Noise and Drone are combined into a perfect harmony with nothing to compare it to. Stunning beauty explodes from each track, shining brightly amongst a noisy background. A heavenly ambrosia has been brewed complete with a dark gritty aftertaste that still makes you salivate for more.

Top Tracks: In the Fog: I, In the Fog: II, In the Fog: III, In the Air: I

05. Radiohead – The King of Limbs

Still light years ahead of the rest of us, Radiohead provides a glimpse into the future. This album is 100% unique; only Radiohead could have come up with such a grand composition. Funk elements mingle amongst buzzes and clicks that open doors to strange and twisted dimensions. They have progressed in a staggering way once again and we are presented with another opportunity to progress as well. Though dwarfed by their previous monumental releases, this one will stand on its own. It represents a path we all must take at one time or another.

Top Tracks: Bloom, Lotus Flower, Codex, Separator

04. BRAIDS – Native Speaker

This is the future of pop music. From Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s dreamy vocals to the crash of mutilated electronics, every aspect of this album is a pathway. They all lead towards glorious times and amazing sounds in the music yet to come. The songs vary from movers and shakers to psychedelic reflections and all possess the magnificent quality of something new. There is a refreshing originality that makes me want to jump for joy.

Top Tracks: Plath Heart, Glass Dears, Native Speaker, Lammicken

03. PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

This year has been the start of an uprising of the people and years from now this album will serve as a soundtrack for the times. PJ Harvey lets out all her patriotic rage, bashing policy and the current state of the nation. Her beautiful voice sails over forlorn instrumentals and a melancholy aura erupts. The whole album paints a somber image that puts our rage into perspective. Not only is the status quo pissing us off, it is also making every niche in life painful to experience. Truly one of the most insightful albums to come out in a long time.

Top Tracks: The Last Living Rose, The Words That Maketh Murder, On Battleship Hill, England

02. Wishcollapse – Volume 2

This is some of the most beautiful Ambient music ever conceived. A complete operatic opus raining blissful beams of light onto your being. There is such technical grace and natural intuition that everything flows perfectly. Not much can be said about this album except listen to it. It’s inspiring tones will burrow deep inside your heart and make you float on air.

Top Tracks: Cosi come deve andare, Opera incompiuta

Björk – Biophilia

Björk has done it again. Her eccentric musings have once again molded a masterpiece for the ears. Whether you go into this album thinking about the meticulous technical aspects or not, you will appreciate its matchless beauty. Her absolutely gorgeous voice continues to tug at my heart strings. The subject matter of the songs are weaved so deeply into nature you get the feeling that it is the heavens and the earth speaking to you, using her as a messenger. She has pushed the boundaries of music into uncharted territories, testing the waters and returning to share their wisdom with the world.

Top Tracks: Moon, Cosmogony, Virus, Mutual Core, Solstice

I hope this list has exposed you to some new music and that you seek out what you truly love. I wish you all a happy new year and best wishes in 2012!

Music Reviews Coming Soon

Not only is this site going to be a database of my music, but it will also include reviews of some of the new esoteric music out in the world. Most of my reviews will be of material available free for download online via the wonderful Creative Commons License, but there will also be new music that you may have to pay a price for.

SML013 Slow Motion Warfare – Error: 01

The summer of 2008 brought the start of a new experimental project called Slow Motion Warfare. This moniker’s objective is to try and meld the genres of noise and drone. Taking aspects from each respective genre, the first result was a 55 minute long track. It is drenched not only with distortion, but delay and reverb as well. This project is open to collaboration from any artist wishing to contribute, but so far has been a solo venture.

Released: 04 July 2008
Genres: Drone, Experimental, Noise

Error: 01 (Excerpt) by Slow Motion Warfare

Error: 01 can be downloaded here.

SML012 w.x – Incapacitation

Incapacitation was created alongside Cure For Deafness and they were both completed on the same cold spring night. Though this album is completely different. Its droning textures create a catatonic atmosphere, expressing the bleakness that this world sometimes shows us. Its tones submerge you into a dark environment where things can be frightening and it can feel like all hope is lost. Through each song this world becomes more like reality and acceptance sets in, forcing into your mind the idea that nothing is lost; it is merely traveling at a different pace than you. Incapacitation is a lesson in not giving up and striving towards righting the wrongs and getting back on track.

Released: 16 April 2008
Genres: Experimental, Dark Ambient, Drone

1. Placid (2:30)
2. Expiration (3:41)
3. Cerebrum (11:43)
4. Frozen Kaleidoscope (4:21)
5. Lobotomy (5:09)
6. The 6th, 7th, and 8th Dimensions (11:41)
7. Diplomacy Convention (7:07)
8. Molecular Structure (2:44)
9. Nematode (4:48)
10. Solstice (4:54)

Solstice by w.x

Incapacitation is available for download here.

SML011 w.x – Cure For Deafness

Cure For Deafness is exactly what its name implies. Noise. Harsh, aggressive, ear-splitting dog howling noise. These songs were created either from pure raw emotions or very wayward experimentation. There are layers upon layers of distortion on top of mutilated synthesizer tracks. The goal was to emulate the true feelings of some of mankind’s more untamed emotions, such as hatred, rage and animosity. At times hearing these emotions played out can be unbearable but they are meant to expose the true beast in all of us.

WARNING: Please use caution when listening to this album at high volume.

Released: 16 April 2008
Genres: Experimental, Noise

1. War On Feedback (3:43)
2. Odyssey Scream (1:45)
3. Bastardizer (3:04)
4. Hemmorhage Void (2:03)
5. Watch Your Ears (2:10)
6. Clusterfucker (2:28)
7. Modulation Transport (4:42)
8. Transmission Sequence (1:59)
9. The Mutilation of an Entire Species (4:57)
10. Pattern (2:32)
11. Millennia (8:14)
12. War Wounds (3:02)
13. Bone Marrow Malfunction (2:29)
14. From Here to Herro (7:33)

War Wounds by w.x

Cure For Deafness is available for download here.

SML010 w.x – Morphology

The tenth Sethmol release is Morphology. This album continues with the drones of Ambient Thermometer but is more stripped down. The tones are in even deeper frequencies and the mood is darker. Even though the sounds were 100% mechanically produced they have a very organic feel to them. Morphology is a branch of biology dealing with the form and structure of organisms so the title seems to fit well.

Released: 04 Dec 2007
Genres: Drone, Dark Ambient

1. Erosion Decay (4:01)
2. Amoeba (15:58)
3. Sylph Formation (7:57)
4. Borealis (6:47)
5. Helical (9:29)
6. Organism (9:29)
7. Moribund (21:29)

Erosion Decay by w.x

Morphology is available for download here.

SML009 w.x – Densitometry

Densitometry is made up of 9 songs that are spread out onto 11 tracks. This album is a statement against confining songs into the strict beginning and end of a track. Some songs are split into two tracks with a new song starting on the second track. Other songs are cut in half and are separated from each other by other songs. The music itself is a series of soundscapes crafted with ambient drones and minor distortion. It’s album you can lose yourself in and not care about what track you are currently on.

Released: 30 Oct 2007
Genres: Ambient, Experimental

1. Intro (0:33)
2. Compost, Part 1 (4:58)
3. Compost, Part 2 / Blood Franchise (10:53)
4. Ring Combination, Part 1 (5:08)
5. Ring Combination, Part 2 / Jackhammer Lunchbox / Systems, Part 1 (8:57)
6. Systems, Part 2 (8:05)
7. Systems, Part 3 / Steps In the Refractive Explosion (10:54)
8. Expansion Protocol, Part 1 (5:38)
9. Expansion Protocol, Part 2 / Temporal Resolution, Part 1 (5:58)
10. Temporal Resolution, Part 2 / Jackhammer Lunchbox (Reprise) (5:06)
11. Temporal Resolution, Part 3 (2:19)

Steps In the Refractive Explosion by w.x

Densitometry is available for download here.