Review: Lusruta – Roh EP

Label: Aesthesea
Catalog No: STC011

Drilling a hole deep into the earth, in search of new enlightenment, the underground rumblings of Lusruta emerge. The new EP is a departure from Solemnizing the Trivial, featuring electronic beats and speeds more suitable for the dance floor than your meditative conscience. The earth still quivers under the industrial mindset brought forth as pensive tones break through the wall of noise. There is an experimental edge to the sounds presented. Your inward travels are manipulated and you get tossed in a different direction. You end up in unexplored crevices of your mind and come out illuminated.

The two distinct styles of dark ambient and industrial trade off, forming a unique harmonious connection. They bind our complex feelings of peace and discontent and find a balance. It teaches us that we will have both sides within us at all times and that one cannot survive without the other.

Rating: 4 stars
Standout track: Habitude


Review: Lusruta – Solemnizing the Trivial

Label: Aesthesea
Catalog No: STC009

First off, I have to say I love the title. Solemnizing the Trivial basically means observing the unimportant things, which I find to be an intriguing concept.

There is no word in the English language that can properly describe this album. I checked. The entire ambiance that wraps around you provides warmth and comfort. Some of the sounds presented can be intimidating or even frightening but they are part of the spectrum of consciousness. It glides from serene tones to piercing echoes and sometimes descends into one intense drone. The profound feelings that are demonstrated here paint very tranquil yet somber images. You float amongst the chords and echoes and drift in a sea of nothingness.

I slipped into a dream world where all the emotions we experience on this plane of existence are represented but so are many others that simply cannot be expressed in our dimension. A harmonious blanket fell upon me, nursing the warmth from within. My earthly body began to feel the pain brought on by true bliss. I guess something this true is not meant to be experienced while stuck in a physical form. It’s too much for the body to handle. My mind and soul were greatly nourished and a profound feeling of peace swept through my veins, healing some of the damage brought on by the modern world.

My recommendation upon first listen is to lie down comfortably on a bed, put your headphones on and turn your player’s volume up as high as it can go without making you deaf. Then close your eyes and absorb each and every sine wave that descends upon you. Make sure you don’t fall asleep. Just slip into a meditative state. Let the music take you away.

Standout track: Maban
Rating: 5 stars