These photos were taken as the moon began to wane from the recent Full Moon. Shrouded by clouds, the moon danced around while these high white balance photos were being taken. The longer the camera took, the more light began to emerge on the finished photo.


Along the Path

On a short stroll through the park today I took some pictures of my favorite subject matter. Trees. Tall, majestic and green, they are an invaluable asset to our lives. As a closeted treehugger, I encourage everyone to go up to the next tree you see, give it a hug, and tell it thank you.

Old Steam Engine

This picture looks like it could have been taking 100 years ago. But thanks to the wonders of black and white photography and the Threshing Bee Steam Engine Show in Sycamore, Illinois, the machinery of antiquity can be appreciated by a new generation.

Rock Bluffs

These rocks jut out from the hillside adding a surreal dynamic to the forest. They provide a pedestal for nature to stand and look out among creation.

Tricks of Light

Camera effects can do wonders for bright lights in the dark. They can be made to dance and tell a compelling story.

Celestrial Strands

Seat Belt Enforcement Zone

Mixed media on illustration board. Those are actual seat belts attached with newspaper clippings on them. This grim image gives us a message about how when something is enforced, it always goes wrong.

Digital Squared


Chemical Drop



Optical Flow



Independence Day

I would like to wish all my American contemporaries a Happy Independence Day. To commemorate our nation’s birth, here are some artistic photos of fireworks I have taken over the years. Hope you all enjoy today’s festivities and remember to stay cool out there.

A Frozen Waterfall

The recent cold in the Midwest has turned one of the bushes outside the house into an icicle dreamscape. Photographic evidence had to be taken.