Review: Uitgezonderd – Stervend Stil Leven

Label: Webbed Hand
Catalog No: wh178

A simple piano can play beautifully amongst a dark backdrop. It can pierce through ominous drones and soothe your heart’s anguish. It provides an escape, an emergency exit out the back where you can leave the terrors of today’s world behind and find something much more expedient. Hope may seem superfluous these days but those of us who know better still cling to that raft in this tumultuous sea, waiting to see what lies beyond the next tidal wave.

Belgium’s Uitgezonderd has presented us with nine tracks of sublime melancholia meant to inspire each of us to find happiness. The title Stervend Stil Leven is Dutch for Die Quiet Life. As creatures of nature, we are more than just entities of built up carbon suffering from a series of chance events. Our purpose of existing is to make the world a wonderful haven for our chromosomal brothers and sisters. We were not put on this planet to own vast quantities of land or money. The concept of ownership does not exist in our hearts. Everything laid before us on this sphere of cooling rock is here for all to enjoy.

In order to make seismic changes in our current backwards societies, we need to lead more exciting lives. We must do more astonishing things so that we all can thrive and reap the benefits that nature has given to us. There is too much overindulgence by a select few and it is costing a hefty price. The modern thought of privilege is very skewed. Everyone alive today has been privileged with a chance to live. We need to utilize those privileges and live our lives to their fullest possible extent. Only then will our souls be satisfied.

Simple piano compositions are layered with basic rhythms. The mantra of less is more is fully demonstrated here. Uitgezonderd created a portal for our minds to regroup in order to understand why we suffer and how we can turn our quiet lives around and make the world smile with exalted delight.

Standout track: Rugosa
Rating: 5 stars


Review: Deaf Center – Owl Splinters

Label: Type
Catalog No: TYPE080

The musical journey of Deaf Center is very dark and beautiful. This intricate contrast is nothing new in the world of Ambient music, or Modern Classical for that matter. Not every artist has to do something new and radical in order to be good. What makes Deaf Center unique is the fine balance between Dark Ambient soundscapes that infiltrate your psyche with despair and breathtaking acoustic compositions.

When these two mix and sometimes switch places, swells from the ocean rise and rain down upon the lost souls on this puny sphere floating aimlessly in a blank void. Owl Splinters is a good expression of the variations found in this life. From a range of emotions and feelings, to vast spectrums of light and color, what we experience on this plane of existence is awe-inspiring. The most amazing thing is we have only explored the tip of the iceberg. There is still so much to encounter. The yin and yang of life come together in full force in this release.

Standout Track: The Day I Would Never Have
Rating: 4.5 stars