Review: No-xygen and Mike Radice – From Darkness to Renaissance

Label: Eg0cide Productions
Catalog No: Eg0_052

The latest collaborative effort in the Dark Ambient cosmos has emerged from the atmospheric masters No-xygen and multi-instrumentalist Mike Radice. They have presented us with a soundtrack for the ultimate journey of humankind. Their concept surrounds our struggle to relinquish the darkness and dessication within us and be reborn in an enlightened existence.

These subterranean compositions feature catatonic orchestral progressions that flow in between avant-garde bursts of Industrial despair. With various tones from all over the globe, these movements fuse our anguishes together and give us all a common goal to reach for. Genres clash into each other as Drone intertwines with ethnic beats. The end result is a sui genereis affair that covers the entire atmosphere. From the deepest cave to the exosphere, waves of Ambient murmurs drape over everything, covering our souls with a comforting despondency.

The collaboration consists of four songs from each artist. They each take one end of the spectrum: No-xygen forges the difficult and sorrowful uphill climb out of dark times while Radice shows us the ethereal beauty that awaits us at the top of the mountain. Each song exhibits the yin and yang of their concept. They each contain sentient beauty alongside daunting torment. From this we learn that even though we are in dark times there is still beauty everywhere. We must also not forget that when we are reborn there will be still be desolate gloom to combat. As eternal beings we cannot live without one or the other. In order to evolve we must find the delicate balance between darkness and renaissance.

Rating: 4 stars
Standout track: Renaissance


Review: Morphine Bandit – Inside the Steel Dome

Label: Eg0cide Productions
Catalog No: Eg0_051

This full-on minimalist assault for the ears is well worth a listen. You are treated to dark textures crawling across the muddy ground, dragging electronic pulses and swells behind them as it all unfolds into a bleak landscape of sound. The sprawling drones feel like they could extend forever, touching the furthest reaches of our perception. All of the sounds blend into each other in a seamless connection, a conjoined bridge between life and death.

Drones and quivering shrieks echo around you in a stifling metallic fashion. They spin about and screech ever so slightly, like catching a radio signal in a metal bowl. This release is a morose enlightenment plunging you into a deep sensory deprivation. You see patterns of grey and dark emotions wash over, sweeping through the crevices in your brain. You feel ready to descend deep into the junkyards of the human wasteland, lost forever.

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Standout Track: Across the Frozen Circles