SML025 w.x – Radial Circuit

Radial Circuit

Radial Circuit is drones in circles. It’s a pulsating ride through a soft storm in the dark. It’s planets spinning. A cascade down a canyon into the rushing water below. The seemingly infinite bliss at the moment lightning strikes.

After 5 years away from music, w.x has returned with 9 brand new tracks presented in a lush atmosphere. This next step comes in the wake of the Mini / Capsule / Evening Sunrise compilation of lost work with new remixes of them. Radial Circuit is likewise steeped in the old and the new, keeping treasured drones and noises alive while adding new rhythm and mixing techniques.

Radial Circuit comes at a rather stern time of uncertainty, but it is an opportunity for momentary escape, a chance to tune out. It is recommended that you listen to this album in the absence of screens.

Track Listing:

  1. Vertebrates (3:04)
  2. The Merging of Spheres (6:56)
  3. Like Spirals (3:28)
  4. Shadowpost (6:16)
  5. Chrome and Viscous (5:42)
  6. Rocky Mountain Drone (14:44)
  7. Entrypoint (6:10)
  8. Eye Blossom (6:38)
  9. The First Frost (4:21)



Album Review: Emotion Coder – My Never Ending Wish EP

Label: Mojear Records
Catalog No: MJ50

A soulful night in the city. Street lights streak past, leaving a bright stain on the car’s metallic shine that immediately melts away. Wheels endlessly turning towards the modern mountains of concrete and steel, all lit up twinkling in the dark abyss. A quick drive from home to downtown, anticipation for the evening’s events mounting. Smooth beats pulsating from hidden speakers simmers the apprehension and quiets the mind. Three new tracks from India’s Emotion Coder have let their powers of repose be known. On a short 15 minute twilight drive you can experience a soothing variety of electronic possibilities.

“Signify” is the first track and gets the ball rolling with grandiose trumpets and spastic percussion. Accompanied by seductive vocals from a smoky angel looking out over the darkness. The car melds with the music and becomes part of it: windshield wipers keep the beat, the hum of the engine recycles echoes back into the ears. The act of driving feels more like the art of playing an instrument when this happens. A dark an empty country road becomes a blank staff waiting to be filled with music. Suddenly, “Streets” appear. The 2nd track is a chilled out mix of downtempo and jazz elements. A unifying groove is carved, drawing various sounds together like water into a ditch. It accompanies you on your journey as the city looms near. Track number three, “Concentric”, paints the portrait of a harmonious urban atmosphere. Industrial influences lurk out of the shadows while a dream-like fog is blown in from placid synth tones. Lights melt into watercolor hues across the windshield, only to be swept away.

My Never Ending Wish is a great sampler from a talented artist who can turn any electronic genre into a transcendent sensation. The future holds a special place for such moving sounds that can tell a story before our very eyes. This solid release has given us a small taste of what Emotion Coder is capable of. In time I hope he will share all of his aural wisdom with the world.

Rating: 4 Stars
Standout Track: Streets

Review: Closer Contact & Meteer – Geography 2

Label: BFW Recordings
Catalog No: BFW106

Drone has hitched a ride with experimental electronics for a cosmic trip abound with minimalism. This Swedish collaborative duo have created an enchanting craft upon which we can float all around the world if our heart desires. Techno beats evolve and fade in and out amongst each other and ambient drones drift alongside time and space, carrying you away. The entire album submerges you deep into a watery subconscious, free from human woes and suffering.

With drone fuzzes and fluid minimalist rhythms this is a wonderful electronica release. The various genres coexist in a dreamy habitat. They form a peaceful connection with our collective soul and the human spirit is nurtured and cared for in it darkest hour.

Standout track: Tunguska
Rating: 4.5 stars

Review: Adviruz – A Place to Hide

Label: Pavillon36 Recordings
Catalog No: P36-054

Dark, seductive beats encircle the new release from Adviruz. They form the base to an electronic nightmare, a bad night at a club. The kind of night where you can’t remember anything the next day except the good music. The instrumentation is impressive. Though Pýnar Gürcan, the main hub of Adviruz, made the mistake of singing. Though she does have a very beautiful singing voice, she needs to find a different style in which to present it. Her voice does not always mix well with the industrial beats and electronic melodies. At times it sounds like Katherine Blake trying to sing madrigals at a Skinny Puppy show. In the latter half of the album her voice fits much better.

In any case, it is a good release and I recommend it. If anything, listen to their cover of the Darth Vader Theme from Star Wars. They took the ominous orchestral movements and made it a glitch pop march. Very entertaining.

Standout track: Owls
Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: mayfairgrin – This Delicate Confusion

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog No: wh151

Behold, the fine line between ambient and industrial. This is such an unfamiliar line to most people that they easily walk right over it, kicking it into the gutter without a realization. Those looking for it know where to find it – lodged in a submarine several miles in the air, where the static remains in the shadows, lurking, ready to emerge at the right time. The static is not alarmed by the industrial beats jostling the background image. It rides the ambient swell over the clouds only to glide back down to Earth with a smile on its face.

mayfairgrin go on a journey of abstruse landscapes and they tell their story through interpretive electronic dances and underwater daydreams. They start off with a sonic odyssey located deep within a computer’s walls which slowly slides into trances and meditative states. After 20 minutes, your guide finally greets you and takes you to a spiritual electro-dance. The urge to close your eyes and fall into the recesses of the mind is hard to fight. This journey seems to get lost in its own maze at times, as its sonic interpretations of a myriad of genres start going around in circles.

Andrew Latham and company have certainly made staying up to watch the sunrise a new pastime. This Delicate Confusion is like being in the back room of a club with the door shut tight and only your sweeping subconscious can find the right sounds to go with the beats that seem to find their way through the walls.

Standout track: Delicate
Rating: 4 stars