Album Review: L_coma – Unwanted Noise

Floating on a rippling pond, gently rocked away by a placid lullaby. Layers of treated guitars are carried on the wind, entwining with the sweeping tears of distorted water. A column of dense echoes wraps around, different colors swirling into a vortex of soft noise. A whirlpool begins to twist, silently absorbing all the essence of life. A watery black hole inhales all existence and keeps it safe beneath its glassy surface. This is where all unwanted noise goes.

Descending deep into the gleaming crest, soft trembles of sound emanate from walls of water. A lustrous world is revealed where lucid dreams go to sleep and unchained spirits roam free. All the unwanted noise discarded by the world is recycled in the deluge and transformed into a soft stream of calming drones. They slowly flow past, trickling away from the pond into the forest to merge sounds with the outside world. Something that was once undesirable to the ear is now a pleasant ambiance awash in smoky aquatic reverberation. It has made its cyclical journey back to the source only to be regenerated and sent out again. A continuous flow of enchanting sound designed to cleanse the mind and relax the soul.

L_coma’s dreamy world blocks out all distractions. It is very easy to get lost in this music and forget about everything. All negativity is washed away, all sense of time and reality put on hold while the encompassing soundscape caresses the body. Drowning in ringing murmurs and guitar twinges is almost suffocating and when the surface is broken and air fills the lungs once more, there is only a thick fog full of arresting sound, forcing the body to return afloat. Once again suspended and lulled by the embracing water as it slowly returns the brain to the conscious and dreary world.

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Standout Track: Released Anxiety


Review: PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

I have always enjoyed PJ Harvey’s raw musical stylings and voice. Her lyrics would demonstrate human emotions in all their splendor and horror and her voice was strong enough to plow through all the heartache and sufferings of this world. She would make everything alright.

On Let England Shake, she has gone political. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially with the current state of things in this world. All the lyrics have something to do with England’s dire situations but they can be applied to any nation. With this change in songwriting comes a change in her style. She has abandoned her raw, gritty tones for something much more melancholy. Her voice is still as amazing as ever but now it is even more beautiful. Her songs are still dark and morbid like before but she has morphed her music to better represent the subject matter. Instead of working up the listener into an angered frenzy about past lovers she is now stirring up our hearts into an angered frenzy about what this world has turned into.

Let England Shake is a patriot’s lament about the country they are proud to call home. It takes a lot to completely wipe away a person’s pride for their nation, but that doesn’t mean they are completely happy. PJ Harvey has taken on the role of a modern-day Martin Luther of sorts, posting 12 theses on the door of 10 Downing Street, saying, “We are not happy and here’s a few reasons why.”

Standout Track: England
Rating: 4.5 stars