Review: landrecorder – Recordings 1-18

After a year of recording, editing and life getting in the way, landrecorder has released 18 songs stuffed with field recordings, ambient instruments and acoustics. They are inspired by his childhood and recent changes in his life. Collectively, they are a man’s reflections of his own life. After a series of life-changing events he took a step back and looked at the big picture. Then he set out to try and represent the feelings brought on by putting everything in perspective.

I think he did an amazing job. From birds chirping to a simple acoustic guitar playing a slow melody, this release is very contemplative and pensive. It inspires the listener to take a look in the mirror and fully understand the passing of time. We all too often forget about the past. Sometimes it’s too painful or memories of days gone by are too sad but it’s what made us who we are today. Every once in a while it is necessary to take a step back and reflect. Try and understand what brought you to this point in time. It can be an intense process for some and the results might be unbearable but it helps us become more aware as human beings.

With all of this antiquated reminiscing I was compelled to look back on my own childhood and I felt a bittersweet nostalgia. Looking back on all the experiences I could remember from the past, each one has a different feeling. It is not the same feeling as it was before and it never will be. That exact feeling in that precise moment in time will never be felt the same way again. Each experience, good or bad, is unique in its own way and it helps shape our individual lives. For a release to be able to conjure up so many wonderful stirrings in the soul is truly extraordinary.

Standout track: Morning
Rating: 4.5 stars


Review: Aois-Dubh – gång på gång

Label: en stillhet som döden
Catalog No: N/A

gång på gång is an EP consisting of only one track. It was composed from field recordings and has evolved into a spooky drone piece. For the first few minutes cascades of distant voices hover around you, like spirits hiding behind a plexiglass mirror. Their bewildering conversations slowly morph with the wind as it blows down a long hallway. The voices still hover; they become louder and more frantic. Their voices mourn and cry, their last pains and laments flowing forth. The whole song paints a picture where each stroke reveals another part to the entire story. The haunting sounds’ progressions point to a very sinister and evil ending. At the end their voices are abruptly cut off. As soon as the painting is finished a portal is opened and the voices flee our existence, never to return again.

Rating: 4 stars